Relif valve(2) DBW20B-1-50/315CG24N9Z5L
  • Relif valve(2) DBW20B-1-50/315CG24N9Z5L
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Relif valve(2) DBW20B-1-50/315CG24N9Z5L


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Relif valve(2) DBW20B-1-50/315CG24N9Z5L


DB/DBW type valves are pilot-controlled two-section concentric relief valves with cone valve construction for both pilot and main valves. DB type valves are mainly used to control the pressure of the system; DBW type valves can also control the pressure of the system and can unload it at any time.
Type DB relief valve.
The valve is mainly composed of a pilot valve and a main valve. the pressure oil in the A chamber acts on the lower end of the main spool at the same time. The pressure oil from the A chamber acts on the lower end of the main spool while acting on the upper end of the main spool and the cone valve of the pilot valve through the damper. When the system pressure exceeds the pilot valve spring setting pressure, the cone valve is opened. At the same time the pressure oil at the upper end of the main spool flows through the damper, the spring chamber and the passage back to the B chamber (control oil inlet type). Or it flows back into the tank through the external discharge port (control oil external discharge type). In this way, the pressure oil passes through the damper generating a pressure difference on the main spool, which opens under the action of this pressure difference, when the pressure oil flows from the A cavity to the B cavity under the regulated pressure to unload. It is also possible to use the external control port "X" to control the unloading.
DBW type relief valve: DBW type relief valve is mainly composed of a 5-way two-position three-way solenoid valve, pilot valve and main valve. Its working principle is basically the same as DB type, the difference is that it can make the system unload at any moment through the solenoid valve.
The DB/DBW valve has no control oil external supply port "X" and external discharge port, so that different combinations can be selected according to needs: internal supply internal discharge, internal supply external discharge, external supply internal discharge, external supply external discharge.
The DB/DBW relief valve uses cast internal flow channels for high flow capacity and high flow rate. The structure is simple, low noise, good opening and closing characteristics, stable performance and other special.
DB type valves are mainly used as relief valves, safety valves, remote regulators, etc. DBW type valves are mainly used for department group unloading and multi-stage pressure control. DB/DBW type valves are widely used in various fields such as light industry, machine tools, metallurgy, mining, aerospace, etc. They are high-quality components to replace imported ones.    

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