SYB25-6/3 SYC Explosion-proof PTZ
  • SYB25-6/3 SYC Explosion-proof PTZ
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SYB25-6/3 SYC Explosion-proof PTZ


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SYB25-6/3 SYC Explosion-proof PTZ

                                                                                                       SYB25-6/3 datasheet

一  Features

   SYB25-6/3 explosion-proof electric head is a reliable explosion-proof monitoring equipment. The product can be used in environments with flammable and explosive gases or dust, and cooperate with various explosion-proof cameras to achieve the purpose of monitoring the scene.

    ● The shell is made of stainless steel

    ● Upright installation

    ● It can work stably for a long time under the temperature conditions of -30℃ to +60, and a temperature control device can be selected, which is more suitable for the long-term low temperature environment.

    ● 360° maximum horizontal rotation range

    ● +45°~ -45°Maximum vertical rotation range

    ● Indoor and outdoor installation, all-weather use

    ● Suitable for flammable and explosive hazardous environments with harsh environment

    ● Permanent magnet low speed synchronous motor, stable and reliable operation

    ● Decoding board can be built

    ● Maximum load 18kg


二  Certification

     Explosion-proof mark: Ex d IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃

     Explosion-proof certificate number: CNEx14.2973X


三  Mechanical index

     ● Material Stainless steel 304 or 316L

     ● Protection class   IP66

     ● Carrying method

     ● Maximum load  18Kg

     ● Turn horizontally   0-360°

     ● Vertical rotation   +45° ~ -45°

     ● Horizontal rotation speed  6°/S

     ● Vertical rotation speed 3°/S


四   Electrical index

     ● Input control voltage 24VAC 。

     ● Maximum current <2A

     ● Electrical connection 6-core cable for PTZ control

          Connect the upper, lower, left, right and common terminals, one of the cores is grounded.

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